Our Story

Life is made in the millions of little, inconsequential, wonderful, sweet moments. Love is found in these perfect, effortless periods in between the notable ones. Funny how it's these major ones that get all of the attention. In the hopes of welcoming you into our new life together, we thought we'd share some of the major moments that helped define us.

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  • September 9th, 2012

    Christine and Andy agree to a blind date

    Want to hear the story of how him and her became us? Read more.

  • September 12th, 2012

    The First Date

    Christine and Andy meet for the first time and share pizza and drinks Alfonso’s in Somerville, NJ.

  • September 14th, 2012

    The Second Date

    A mere two days after their first date, Andy and Christine squeeze in a second date over drinks before Andy must return to his medical residency in CT.

  • October 31st, 2012

    Sandy won’t Hold Us Back

    After super storm Sandy destroys NJ, Christine waits in line for gasoline for over 1.5 hours, and ultimately secures the last tank of gas in the area, to take to the road to visit Andy in Connecticut, solidifying their seriousness and dedication to the relationship.

  • January 13th, 2013

    A Taste of Sangria

    Andy meets Christine’s family and has his first taste of Ria Mar Sangria.

  • February 8th, 2013

    Finding Christine: Snowstorm Nemo strikes

    Andy battles through winter storm Nemo, which ultimately dumped 33 inches of snow in Hartford, to spend his first Valentine’s day weekend with Christine. (The good ole dog sled training we received at Lake Placid at the following winter probably would have come in handy to plow through the snow.)

  • September 11th, 2013

    Baker Andy

    Christine gets her first glimpse at Andy’s baking prowess after Andy bakes Christine a delicious chocolate cake for Christine’s birthday.

  • December 6th, 2013

    Trapped on the Tappan Zee

    Andy rescues Christine in New York State after her car breaks down in the middle of the center lane of the Tappan Zee Bridge. They make it back to Connecticut in time to celebrate Andy’s work holiday party that same night. Talk about real life superhero.

  • March 28th, 2014

    From Bouquet and Garter to Bride and Groom

    Christine catches the bouquet and Andy the garter at the wedding of their dear friends. How does that tradition go again?

  • June 20th, 2015

    Movin’ on up

    Andy moves to NJ, finally marking an end to the 300-mile round trip weekend treks between their respective CT and NJ residences.

  • September 19th, 2015

    Hook, line, and sinker.

    While fishing, Andy asked Christine’s father for his blessing to marry Christine.

  • October 2nd, 2015

    Ring shopping

    Franticly shopping by himself, Andy “hooks” the perfect engagement ring.

  • November 1st, 2015

    Popping the question

    Andy gets down on one knee, grabs Christine by the hand, and asks if if they could spend the rest of their lives together, spoiler alert, she says YES!

  • November 18th, 2015

    Meet the Hamarichés

    While on vacation together in Mexico, Andy and Christine are for the first time sweetly, but mistakenly referred to as husband and wife. There they are endearingly and repeatedly called Mr. and Mrs. Hamariché.

  • November 26th, 2015

    Giving thanks

    Thankful for their many new blessings, one being that Andy finally was given the holiday off, Andy and Christine celebrate their first Thanksgiving together.

  • December 25th, 2015

    A relaxing Christmas

    It was a lucky year indeed as Andy landed the Christmas holiday off. After over three years of dating, Andy and Christine finally get to spend Christmas Day together.

  • January 16th, 2016

    Said Yes to the Dress

    With wedding planning underway, Christine says yes to the dress. She even got to hang out with the designer and posed for a selfie.

  • October 22nd, 2016

    Our Big Day

    We can’t wait to celebrate with you! Learn more.